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Sensei Mervyn O'Donnell 8th Dan commenced his training in 1967.  
He is a Board Member of SKDUN 
(Shotokan Karate-Do of United Nations).
He was awarded his 8th Dan by an International SKDUN
Grading Panel headed by Toshiaki Namiki Sensei.
Sensei Mervyn is Chief Instructor to our sister club,
Portchester Karate Club, which last year celebrated its 40th year
since opening in 1982.


Sensei Zerina Shafi is a 5th Dan with 38 years’ training and 20 years’ teaching experience of all ages. 
She runs her own clubs and is a National and International Judge and Referee. 
Zerina has a huge amount of competition experience and has won many medals at all levels up to and including World Championships.  She still enters competitions.


Sensei Sheryl Groves is a 2nd Dan with 17 years’ training experience.

She has teaching experience, both in and out of the Dojo.  She is also a qualified Judge for the Rengokai Organisation.

As a student, Sheryl represented Aston University at the British Student Nationals Karate Championships.

Karate Black Belt

We regularly welcome highly respected Instructors from our Parent Organisation, Rengokai Karate, to come and teach.

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